Here we want to make it clear that the interventions lead to progression… i.e. TIME-BASED. This isn’t an endless therapy. 
Evaluation and Follow-up: For both short and long term projects we would set up dates and process for review. As the specific, time-bound targets are reviewed we would also look to assess the generality of behaviour change. We would look to be fading out the degree of intensity and structure that had been immediately necessary, moving towards the generalization and maintenance of skills acquired. The goal is always to make our services progressively unnecessary- to enable and empower those around the client and the client themselves, to sustain progress in the natural environment. We would set dates for review and end dates or criteria.
At all stages of this process the assigned TLC member will be available via email or phone to discuss on-going issues.  You will also be given the contact details of the TLC partners and mentors, at least one of whom will provide direct oversight and supervision to the specific case.
There will also be a regular feedback protocol that will ensure our service to the client is subject to assessment by the parents, school or funding authority.
Ultimately, the success of any educational intervention is dependent on the communication, consistency and collaboration between those involved.
We will want to work alongside parents and other professionals in pursuit of the shared goals for the students we serve.
We welcome your interest in our services and hope that we could be of service to you.
please do not hesitate to contact us with any further queries or questions.

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