Our beliefs

HandsTeaching & Learning is a Collaborative process:

  • be given the skills to learn for themselves
  • be able to communicate effectively
  • be educated using teaching strategies and interventions based on scientific evidence
  • have opportunities to interact with other children
  • have as much autonomy and independence as possible

Each family should

Parents Holding Hands with Kids in Front

  • have the ability and opportunity to access high quality information and services.
  • be given tools to manage, to interact with and to engage with their child
  • be able to inform and support other members of the family
  • be active participants in their child’s education & intervention

All professionals should:

  • use scientific evidence to guide decisions and practiceABA Consultant working with child
  • provide direct and indirect input on a regular basis
  • be open to questions, comments and feedback
  • work in collaboration with parents, family, and other professionals
  • ensure each child’s individual education is effective and generalised to the real world