Our Team

Daniel Horan

Daniel Horan


Daniel is a Consultant working with children, their families and schools around the UK. He runs a weekly after school social skills group for children in Brighton called Social Detectives.  He delivers support and training to … Read More


Photo of Heather Orr

Heather Orr

Programme Supervisor

Heather is an ASD Programme Supervisor, delivering services to children and their families, through a local charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She runs an after school club for primary aged children diagnosed with ASD and has been … Read More

caroline pearce ABA Supervisor Brighton Behaviour Analysis

Caroline Pearce


Caroline provides case supervision and consultation to home and school programmes in and around London and the South Coast. She guides and supervises the implementation of home and school based targets through direct sessions and weekly … Read More

Sarah Cunningham SLT The TLC

Sarah Cunningham

Speech & Language Therapist

Sarah works with children of all ages who have a wide range of difficulties, including delayed speech and/or language development, autism, learning disabilities, developmental syndromes and articulation problems. She works for a … Read More

Amy Temple Family Support Worker The TLC

Amy Temple

Family Support Therapist

Amy works with families of young people with autism in a therapeutic way, helping them to support their young people and provide a space for them to address their own needs and issues. Sometimes this means simply providing a time and a … Read More

Molly Strauss

Molly Strauss

ABA Supervisor

Molly was born and raised in the mountains  of Boulder, Colorado.  She graduated with a degree in Human Biology including a year of Applied Behavior Analysis course work from Scripps College in Claremont, California in 2008. Molly has … Read More

Mary OT The TLC

Mary Betsakou

Occupational Therapist

Mary hails from Greece where she completed her basic training in Occupational Therapy, graduating in 2001. She did her final placement at TreeHouse which is how she discovered her interest in the use of ABA to support children with … Read More


Sylwia Part

ABA Supervisor

Sylwia is a senior ABA Tutor and Supervisor working directly with children on autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families at home, nurseries, schools and other settings where help and advice are needed.  She manages and develops … Read More

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Celia Chambers

Clinical Associate

Celia works closely with children and their families as a home tutor, in schools and within the community focusing on school integration. She developed her passion for working with children autism from a young age while working for her … Read More


Jasmine Irani

Clinical Associate

Jasmine is an ABA tutor for the TLC working with children and young people at home, at school and in the community. Jasmine graduated with a degree in philosophy in 2010 from the University of Sussex. She discovered her love for working … Read More

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Amy Miland

ABA Supervisor

Amy provides tutoring, programme supervision and consultancy to children and their families at home, in school and in the community. She designs individualised curriculums for children of all ages and is involved in providing training and … Read More


Glenn Carter

Consulting Behaviour Analyst

Glenn received his bachelors degree in Information Management from the University of Sheffield, England. He completed his Masters from UT in Special Education and Developmental Disabilities.   Glenn has a keen interest in program … Read More


Ellen Carter

Consulting Behaviour Analyst

Ellen received her bachelor’s degree from TCU in Speech and Language Pathology. She then went onto UNT and got her Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Autism Intervention. She received her Board Certified Behavior Analyst … Read More

Pia The TLC

Pia Kurtsiefer

ABA Supervisor

Pia is an ABA Supervisor. Based in Hertfordshire, she provides case supervision and tutoring to home and school programmes in her region. She studied special education at the University of Cologne, Germany and has a strong interest in … Read More

Mia The TLC Seaba 2017

Mia Ross

Clinical Associate

Mia is an ABA Tutor with the TLC. Her first experiences of behaviour analysis came from volunteering at the TLC’s summer school, ‘Social Detectives’, in 2014. After having thoroughly enjoyed her time at detectives she then began … Read More