Some behaviours stop your child from fully enjoying and experiencing the world around them. Perhaps they struggle to form friendships or learn at school. Or maybe sleeping, eating or toilet training is a problem.

We will work with you, your child and their school or nursery to find solutions that work. We offer a wide variety of services. Our multi-disciplinary team is able to offer a personalised service that fits the needs of your family, school or organisation.

Once you have submitted a referral for services, we would meet with you to discuss where things have come from, where they are at and where you’d like them to go. We would then design a service provision that is personalised to your child.

We can provide both brief assessment services and training, along with longer term intervention, training and support. Our team of dedicated professionals will always look to go the extra mile to ensure you receive the services that will make a difference to the student’s life.

Our mission is to ensure that there is genuine teaching, learning and collaboration imbedded in the actions of our staff which enables and empowers those we serve to reach their full potential.