Social Detectives



Social Detectives is both:

  1. An after-school scheme (run during term time)
  2. An all-day holiday scheme (run during the school holidays)

What is it?

A structured yet flexible curriculum and teaching process; focusing on social skills development using a ‘social detectives’ model & teaching interactions.

Working on some specific social skills; E.g. How to interrupt, making jokes, initiating and sustaining conversation, empathising, cool/not cool, personal space, reading body language, inferences, giving compliments, apologising, responding to teasing and bullying, being a good friend.

Increasing key skills; self-monitoring, independent & interactive play and leisure, 

Emphasis on strengths and skill building; using positive reinforcement, rapport building and enjoyment.

Who is this for?

for x5-6 ‘novice’ detectives (pupils diagnosed with ASC) aged between 6-10;

for the siblings/friends of the detectives (if they’d like to attend!)


The after-school sessions will run from 4:15-6pm.

Learning time for students will be 4:30-5:45.

Pre lesson will be play time and

Post lesson will be play & snack time for detectives and

de-brief time for parents to discuss with staff


£7 per session

Additional Information:

Parents have an open invitation to attend and observe session

Behaviour Guidelines, Strategies and principles

Overview of Detective After-school Session




4:15 Registration & Greetings Signing in, settling in, setting self-monitoring targets, greeting all pupils and staff, 
4:20 Preference Assessments & Free Play Identifying preferred activities, ‘hanging out’, independent play/leisure time
4:30 Social Detective Rules & Identification Setting up & reviewing the ‘rules’ of social detectives (expectations of conduct), and identifying how to be a good social detective
4:40 Teaching Interaction  How to interrupt, making jokes, making conversation, empathising, cool/not cool, personal space, body language; defining these skills, identifying them in video, practice in role play, building rationale for using/doing them, practicing the skill in role play.
5:10 Play & Leisure Time Interactive activities designed to introduce or expand play & leisure skills of pupils. E.g. connect 4, Uno, football, cricket, 
5:20  Self-Assessment & Prize Time Reviewing how they are doing, receiving access to preferred activities; taking a short break from demands
5:30 Feedback, Reviews & Goodbyes Individual self-monitoring assessments, teacher assessments and reward time; goodbyes to staff and children

NOTE: Each session will have a specific theme (e.g. ‘thinking of others’ or ‘being a good friend’ or making new friends’) that will be referenced and reinforced throughout the session.