Photo of Heather Orr

Heather Orr

Programme Supervisor

Heather is an ASD Programme Supervisor, delivering services to children and their families, through a local charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She runs an after school club for primary aged children diagnosed with ASD and has been instrumental in starting up a Saturday group and establishing a Parent Support Group.  She works closely with the Health and Social Care Trust and liaises with other daycare providers, to identify families in need of additional support and share information on how to access services.

She has always enjoyed working with children and relished the opportunity to focus in on childhood development at university.
Heather gained experience working in mainstream school and day care settings before joining the ABA field in 2006. She worked at TreeHouse School for three years, progressing to position of ABA Supervisor, and had the opportunity of a year’s placement as a Senior ABA Therapist at L.E.A.R.N. Foundation for Autism (Western Australia). On returning to the U.K., she helped co-found the TLC, which enabled her to continue working directly with children and their families, which is where her real passion lies.

She holds a degree in Experimental Psychology from University of Cambridge and is a member of EABA.