Your Child

Your child is unique. We will work with them, you and your family. We will get to know them in their own environment, at home and at school.

Our aim is to create a learning programme that is as unique as they are.

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We will use teaching strategies that are evidence-based, informed by the latest research and guided by established principles.

We will measure if it is working for them, making changes if necessary, until your child is learning, communicating, acquiring new skills and socialising. 

Taking a flexible and collaborative approach, we will provide:

  • Comprehensive assessments of your child’s strengths and needs, finding out what priorities are for them and for you
  • Individualised programmes to empower and enable them
  • Fun and engaging lessons which centre on what they like to do
  • On-going support for you, your family and your child’s school

Our priority is creating a structured yet flexible environment where your child can succeed, have fun and learn.

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