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Laura Hewitt

Clinical Associate 

Laura is a Clinical Associate of the TLC, more informally known as a Creative Learning Inventor. Laura has a passionate for supporting children and young people with emotional and behavioural regulation, encouraging meaningful social interactions and inventing playful, fun filled learning opportunities.  Her primary work with the TLC is at Cadets, a social skills group for 5-6 year old’s or those working at that age or stage. Laura is most likely to be found at Cadets on a Saturday morning in a shower of bubbles wearing pineapple sunglasses! Laura also works at Social Detectives and tutors on a number of home programmes during the week.

Laura started her career studying BA: Fine Art at Wimbledon Art College, before making the decision to pursue her passion for supporting children and young people with disabilities at a respite play project. Despite her move away from the arts Laura still considers her creative training integral to her work today. In 2015 Laura completed the ABA tutor training programme at Tree House School before working at Play Specialist, teaching Structured Play and Group Skills to pupils in the lower school for a further year. In April 2018 she returned to the UK following twenty months of overseas travel during which time she worked voluntarily in a SEN school in South India. Laura is currently working toward completing her training as a Registered Behaviour Technician with Florida Institute of Technology.