Your Child’s Programme

Program Design: The above assessments will provide the foundation, baseline and ‘funnel’ to the design of program that is individualised to the client’s current needs. It would lead to the development of a behaviour support plan, curriculum (including written short-term objectives, outcome statements etc.) and specific lesson plans or programs. It would include an on-going system for monitoring the effectiveness of any intervention. We would also set targets for the maintenance and generalisation of any skills and behaviours.

Step Six: Service Provision; This would outline a daily/weekly/monthly plan for clients provision. In essence this would be their diary. We’d look at the frequency of sessions, the level of support required. We’d see how and where they are spending their time. This can then help us adapt as needed when we come to review the targets set. (For example- if a client was spending three hours twice a week going to after-school horse-riding sessions and only x1 per month getting to have a structured play-date that works on social skills, then having the timetable set out would speed up the analysis time and help us tweak and evolve the timetable in order to increase impact of any given intervention).