Founded in 2010, The Teaching and Learning Collaboration (TLC) is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals offering a range of individualised, effective and high quality services to families, schools and organisations.

The TLC is a team comprised of experienced ABA Consultants, Supervisors and Tutors, Clinical Psychologists, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors and Qualified teachers.

Founded in 2010- Each team member works with the support and organisation of those around them. The team have line management and supervision in place to provide training and on-going support. 

The team is made up of consultants, supervisors and tutors, meaning we can offer separate roles or a whole packages of support.

We can provide:

●  Early intensive behaviour intervention (EIBI)- direct tutoring, supervision and consultation.

●  School age support, tutoring, supervision and consultation

●  A variety of standardised and functional assessments

●  Educational & Behavioural plans, programs and implementation.

●  Parent and Family training

●  School and Professionals training

●  Workshops and presentations on a range of topics related to special educational needs (e.g. on Autism; ABA; Challenging & Problem behaviour; Social Skills; Communication; Sleeping, Eating & Toilet Training; Effective teaching techniques; Monitoring and evaluation; LSA/School Shadowing; Play & Leisure skills; independence & daily living skills & Precision Teaching)

We also run weekly social skills clubs, which also run in some school holidays:

  • Social Detectives

  • Cadets

  • TeensGroup

If you require some support for a child or adult and would like a chat, then please don't hesitate to contact us (partners@thetlc.org).