The ‘Social Detectives’ a Program devoted to developing social competency for children with ASC

It is a Social skills project for x6 after-school slots or Week long Summer Scheme (during half-terms, Easter and Summer holidays. We have been running this scheme for the past six years in Brighton, Lewes and soon in London. We take it so seriously we’ve even developed our own Detective Manifesto and presented our work at some national and international conferences.

What is it?

Essentially, it is a Structured yet flexible curriculum and teaching process; focusing on social skills development using a ‘social detectives’ model & teaching interactions. (We have had a collaboration with the University of Sussex who have supplied us with some extraordinary volunteers- check out one of their blog posts about this HERE)

We work on some specific social skills; E.g. How to interrupt, making jokes, initiating and sustaining conversation, empathising, cool/not cool, personal space, reading body language, inferences, giving compliments, apologising, responding to teasing and bullying, being a good friend…