More about Detectives…

Increasing key skills; self-monitoring, independent & interactive play and leisure,

Emphasis on strengths and skill building; using positive reinforcement, rapport building and enjoyment.

Who is this for?

  • for 7-9 ‘novice’ detectives (pupils diagnosed with ASD) aged between 7-12;

  • for the siblings/friends of the detectives (if they’d like to attend!)


  • The after-school sessions will run from 4:30-6pm.

  • Learning time for students will be 4:30-5:45.

  • Pre lesson will be play time and

  • Post lesson will be play & snack time for detectives and

  • de-brief time for parents to discuss with staff

    £10 per session

    Additional Information:

  • Parents have an open invitation to attend and observe sessions

  • Parents will be asked for specific social skills that their child might need help with and

    this information will be used to plan the sessions

  • Siblings/friends can attend sessions at no extra cost