Daniel is a Consultant working with children, their families and schools around the UK…



Caroline provides case supervision and consultation to home and school programmes in and around London and the South Coast.


Program Supervisor

Jasmine is a program supervisor who is…



Amy provides tutoring, programme supervision and consultancy to children and their families at home, in school and in the community…

sylwia-part ABA Masters BCBA.jpg

Program Supervisor

Sylwia is a senior ABA Tutor and Supervisor working directly with children on autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families at home, nurseries, schools and other settings where help and advice are needed.  She manages and develops programmes based on children’s needs and progress…

laura aba tlc.JPG

Creative Learning Inventor

Laura is a Clinical Associate of the TLC, more informally known as a Creative Learning Inventor


Clinical Associate

Kara is an ABA tutor with the TLC. She first discovered her love of teaching when she worked as an English teaching assistant in a Secondary school in Brighton, pursuing this further by pioneering her Universities creative writing outreach programme, ‘Sussex Writes.’  However, it wasn’t until she volunteered at the TLC’s summer school, ‘Social Detectives’, in 2017 that she discovered Behaviour Analysis…

carla the tlc aba .jpg

Clinical Associate

Carla is an ABA tutor for The TLC. She started training and working part-time in 2018, while she was finishing her degree in Psychology at the University of Sussex. She is currently working with children and younger people at home and further, participating and volunteering in mASCot Teen Club, in particular dealing with the younger group 11+ club. 

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ABA Consultant

Joss has been teaching in the fields of applied behaviour analysis and autism for over 30 years.  She initially studied, trained and taught in Massachusetts; she worked across teaching settings within the May Institute and obtained her Masters of Science in Education…


Tamara Albaja

Clinical Associate

Tamara works as an ABA tutor for the TLC working with children and young people at homes, schools and nurseries. She graduated from Sussex University with a Psychology degree. After volunteering at Social Detectives in 2017 and found her passion in working with ASD children...


Zoe Mottershead

Clinical Associate

Zoe graduated from University College of the Creative Arts in Rochester in 2006 with a BA (Hon) degree in design. She subsequently followed a career in the creative industries in London, until she moved to Sussex in 2012. With this move she decided to make a career change and began working with adults and children with profound and multi disabilities and learning difficulties. This included individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, challenging behaviour and Huntington's disease…