Sylwia is a senior ABA Tutor and Supervisor working directly with children on autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families at home, nurseries, schools and other settings where help and advice are needed.  She manages and develops programmes based on children’s needs and progress. Sylwia delivers training to tutors and parents.

Being a patient of many hospitals in her childhood made her to dedicate her career to working with special needs children.

Sylwia has been working with children with autism for the last ten years using many different approaches. However for the last four years she has focused on ABA as the most successful intervention. She had diagnosed children on the spectrum. But after realizing that parents need much more than the label she has focused on the therapy.

Sylwia holds MSc in Special Needs Education at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education and MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis at the Bangor University.