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The TLC’s advisory panel was established to provide a cohort of ‘critical friends’ who would provide periodic support, challenges and advice to the TLC. They provide the function similar to a schools board of governors or a charities board of trustees. They serve four year terms and are given access to any and all aspects of the TLC’s operations as they see fit. They monitor, assess and inspire the TLC to be a little bit better every single day. This Kaizen spirit is reflective of their own work and life experience. Here is some more about the panel…


Jo is Co-founder & Managing Director of Green Light PBS Ltd., a Cornwall-based service provider for adults with autism, learning disability and challenging behaviour.  Established in 2010, the company now employs over 250 staff, supporting 35 people, across 14 care homes. He has been a long-term supporter of the TLC and was invited to serve on the panel given his expertise and understanding of organisations and values-based actions.  


Amy Temple

Amy works with families of young people with autism in a therapeutic way, helping them to support their young people and provide a space for them to address their own needs and issues. Sometimes this means simply providing a time and a space for parents and siblings to have a break from the daily stresses of their lives, and sometimes it may involve working more deeply with other issues that come up within the sessions. She also run groups that can being parents, and siblings, into contact with other people in similar situations and believes this type of support is paramount to coping challenging periods in our lives.

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Kaitie Flynn-Smith

Kaitie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with over 18 years of experience in the field of behavior analysis. She has worked in various capacities across numerous states and the United Kingdom in that time. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Texas Christian University and her Master’s Degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, at the University of North Texas.  


Tony Balazs

Tony is a BCBA consults to families who are setting up Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programmes or who are converting other programmes to ABA.  He works primarily, but not exclusively, for children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. He designs and develop programmes that use the Analysis of Verbal Behaviour (VB) to teach language and communication skills, and helps implement these programmes by training families and ABA teams.

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Heather Orr

Heather has worked in the field of autism and learning disabilities for more than 10 years, and holds a primary degree in Experimental Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in ABA.

She has experience across education, childcare, therapy and home settings, and has worked with individuals from 18 months up to 17 years old. She is founding member of the TLC and currently works with Ambitious About Autism in London.


Pru Blackwell

Pru is a managing partner at My Future Starts Here, a matrix-accredited independent careers company based in East Sussex, which she co –founded in 2011. A former teacher, she has also held operational and strategic roles in Further Education, and since 2014 has been part of Brighton University’s mentoring team.  Her work has always been informed by the belief that collaboration and innovative approaches lead to the most positive outcomes for individuals and organisations.


Ben Verrall

Ben Verrall is the founder and creative director of Toffee Hammer Productions Ltd. He has over 20 years experience developing ideas with clients including: government departments, multi-national PLCs, publishers, museums and galleries, charities and the third sector, and educational organisations….


Chad Kinney

Chad Kinney (BCBA) is currently a PhD student in the ABA program at Florida Tech, and since 2007 has been a BCBA and co-instructor with ABA Technologies.  Additionally, he's a husband and a father of two (still in-training).  After graduating from University of Florida with his B.S. in 2003, he began working as a behaviour consultant in homes and schools, and earned his BCaBA.  Later, while working toward his master's degree, Chad focused on serving children with autism and adults with developmental disabilities…