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Chad Kinney


Chad Kinney is currently a PhD student in the ABA program at Florida Tech, and since 2007 has been a BCBA and co-instructor with ABA Technologies.  Additionally, he's a husband and a father of two (still in-training).  

After graduating from University of Florida with his B.S. in 2003, he began working as a behavior consultant in homes and schools, and earned his BCaBA.  Later, while working toward his master's degree, Chad focused on serving children with autism and adults with developmental disabilities.  

After graduating with his M.S. at Florida Tech, he served as a lead teacher and then program director/principal of a small school for children with autism.  Later, he received another degree (B.A. in science education this time), and taught honors Biology at a local high school for a short while. 

His relevant interests are in the scientific research and mainstream applications of behavior analysis within educational settings and schools--including Organizational Behavior Management,  instructional design, analysis of graphic displays, precision teaching, and parent training.