Cadets is one of the coolest things on planet earth. We aren’t just saying that. It happens to be the truth. If you witnessed it you would agree.

Essentially, Cadets is our social competency group for children aged between 4-6.

We run this as Saturday morning club during term time and then have 3-4 day holiday club scheme too. Cadets was developed to cater for children of a younger age and stage as a prequel to the already up and running Social Detectives program. Children who attend Cadets might not be able to read yet and is more geared up for building foundations. At Cadets we strives to create a nurturing and fun filled environment, focusing on specific target areas that will enable children to over come barriers to learning and feel more confident and more ready to learn and achieve in a school environment.


Target areas: Pivotal skills/learning to learn

Group skills/social play & independent play


Our sessions are structured in such a way that there is a balance between time for independent exploration and time structured group activities. 


Children aged 4-6, or who are working at this stage. You are welcome to let us know if Cadets have siblings of a similar age who would like to attend but lease note we cannot guarantee spaces for siblings and our priority needs to be the learning experience of the Cadets

Contact our captain of Cadets and she and the Cadet team will send you more information.