Carla De Val

Clinical Associate

Carla is an ABA tutor for The TLC. She started training and working part-time in 2018, while she was finishing her degree in Psychology at the University of Sussex. She is currently working with children and younger people at home and further, participating and volunteering in mASCot Teen Club, in particular dealing with the younger group 11+ club. 

Before moving to the UK from Italy, Carla had limited experience with ASD, although she did have the opportunity to build a close relationship with a child that was diagnosed with ASD. She was immediately intrigued by the way he perceives the world around him and his responses to stimuli. This encouraged her to expand her knowledge by studying a degree in Psychology and, later, write her dissertation on ASD specifically. Further, her personal belief on how much the world can, and should, learn from affected individuals, made her want to help them improve their communication and interactions. Carla has always wanted to increase her interest and awareness of the field, particularly in Italy where there is still a lot of progress to be made, hoping to bring a change.

Carla is currently training with The TLC and has just started an ABA course with the Florida Institute of Technology, aiming to expand her knowledge and become part of such a fascinating field. She is continuing to develop her knowledge through working with a range of children and in different atmospheres.